NUX NXMIGHTY20BT Mighty 20 Watt Bluetooth Modelling Combo Guitar Amp

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The Nux Mighty 20BT is the newest model of compact yet powerful electric guitar amplifiers to come from Nux. It features a 20 watt RMS output through an 8 inch speaker cone. Despite its small size, the amp has 4 channels (Clean, Overdrive, Metal and Lead) which has 2 presets available each channel. It also features different effects from reverb, chorus, delay, etc. 3 effects can run simultaneously at the same time. It also boasts 3 types of reverb and 3 types of delay. With a 3 band EQ for low, mid and treble, the Mighty20 BT offers a way for you to shape your tone. Definitely a complete package both for beginners and long time players alike. The Tech Features: 

Brand:- Nux

Model:- Mighty 20BT

Knobs:- Gain, Level, Bass, Mid, Treble

Channels:- Clean, Overdrive, Metal, Lead

Effects:- 3 x Reverb, 3 x Delay, Chorus, Phaser, Tremolo, Vibe

Speaker:- 8 inch

Dimensions:- 34cm x 38cm x 18.6cm


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