Sigma Guitars

Sigma is one of the most respected acoustic guitars brands in Australia. They offer high quality coupled with a surprisingly affordable price in all their instruments. These highly reputed guitars are played by many leading musicians around the world.

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Sigma Acoustic Guitars in Australia is a classic. You will rarely find a second hand one on sale. These sturdy guitars last a really long time. No wonder they are dear to their owners.

Many musicians have had success with Sigma guitars in various musical endeavours, be it learning, pastime or performing.

Sigma offers some great looking guitars with consistent quality and a strong warranty, making them a must-have for every musician.

Ron Leigh’s Music factory features a wide range of Sigma Acoustic Guitars in Australia. They come in all sizes. From small and intimate, parlour guitars to more powerful, bigger sounding, jumbo guitars, Sigma’s range is designed to match your need. Their wide range of acoustics caters to beginners and pro-plays who require an acoustic to record, write and gig with.