Snark WST8 Super Tight Clip-on Instrument Tuner


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Snark’s super accurate version of the famous Snark Tuner, the WST8 takes tuning to another level.

The Snark is a popular brand of guitar tuner for its clear display and, well, you just clip it on the head of your guitar and there it is, ready to go!

The Snark ST-8 takes this concept further with even more accuracy than ever, hence the ‘Super Tight’ name.

Mega Music customers like the ST-8 for when you need to be more than ‘kind of in tune’ and it features transpose functions, pitch calibration and of course, normal flat tuning.

The ST-8 works of the way your instrument vibrates, so no more interfering sounds or tones that affect your tuning (handy in an ensemble or orchestra).

Simply clip it on to your guitar or instrument and you’re on your way to being in perfect tune.

And because it rotates, you can apply it on the other side for the left handed special people.


Features a faster chip than its predecessor for improved accuracy
Upgraded high-definition display rotates 360 degrees for easy viewing
Stay-put clip
Tap tempo metronome
Flat tuning/transpose functions
Pitch calibration (415Hz-466Hz)
High-sensitivity vibration sensor
Tuner can be used on front or back of headstock


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