sE Electronics SE V7 Vintage Edition Dynamic Microphone


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The sE Electronics SE V7 Vintage Edition gives you a limited edition colour of the renowned SE V7 mic. This super-cardioid dynamic microphone is designed to deliver smooth and natural-sounding audio. While the all-metal design delivers increased durability and reliability, even on tour. Housed in a high quality, durable zinc alloy chassis, the SE V7 Vintage will hold up for years. Combined with the dent-proof and corrosion-free spring steel mesh grille for the utmost reliability.

Under the hood, you’ll find the DMC7 dynamic element delivers a crisp, open sound to perfectly capture your voice and instruments in the most natural way. While the sophisticated super-cardioid capsule of the SE V7 will isolate your voice among other instruments. So you get plenty of gain before feedback.

What’s more, the SE V7 also includes a beveled edge around the microphone to preventing it from rolling around when you put it on the floor or amp. While the gold-plated XLR connector also ensures a loss-free and reliable signal connection for years.


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