Savarez 500AJ Alliance Forum Blue High Tension Classical Guitar Strings


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Savarez 500 AJ Corum Alliance Classical Guitar Strings High Tension
Trebles – KF ALLIANCE plain composite trebles monofilament (so called carbon strings) These strings are made of the now well-known composite monofilament ALLIANCE KF (some people call them carbon strings) ,exclusive to Savarez. Years of research have been necessary to adapt this material to the demands of the musicians and to get an outstanding product; a revolution for the guitar players !

Basses – CORUM stabilon multifilament (specifically treated nylon)wound basses with rust protected silver plated metal These silver plated wound basses represent a second revolution in the world of guitar (KF ALLIANCE composite fibre trebles being the first revolution). They are the only one to offer an exceptional flexibility associated with the proper stiffness. They also offer an improved pliability compared to the traditional strings.


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