NUX NXNDS5 Fireman Dual Channel Distortion Guitar Effect Pedal

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The Nux Fireman Distortion gives you a modern “Brown” sound which is a tone sought after by a lot of musicians and has a warm amp-like, rich and compressed distortion. The sound was popularized by 1980s guitar heroes such as Van Halen.

It has 2 independent Volume/Gain Knobs making it versatile with either rhythm or solo applications. It offers a True Bypass/Buffer Bypass Toggle Switch and a 9v/18v Toggle Switch. Setting the pedal to the 18v Switch Position will double the working voltage to give you a wider dynamic range.

BASS: Adjusts the low-end response of distortion sound.
TREBLE: Adjusts the high-end response of distortion sound.
PRESENCE: Adjusts the ultra-high-end frequency of distortion sound.
TIGHT: Shapes the low frequency content. ( Turn it down to tighten the sound.)
VOLUME1: Adjusts the output level while in Channel1.
GAIN1: Adjusts the distortion situation of the sound while in Channel1.
VOLUME2: Adjusts the output level while in Channel2.
GAIN2: Adjusts the distortion range of the sound while in Channel2.
1/2 Foot-switch: Chooses the current Channel for 1 or 2.
ON Foot-switch: Engages or disengages the distortion sound.


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