NUX NXNDL5 JTC Drum and Loop Pro Pedal

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JTC Pro is an advanced pedal with simplified controls. It’s a dual switch stomp box pedal with 6 hours of recording capability and 256 loop track memories. And the audio recording quality is 24-bit and 44.1 kHz sample rate.

The 2 footswitches control the loop and drums separately. The left foorswitch controls the looper function of the pedal and acts as a Tap Tempo control for the drum speed. The right footswitch controls the drum machine functions of the pedal and adds a drum fill when pressed on during a live performance. There are 40 drum patterns and fills including Pop, Rock, Blues, Metal and more other styles with 3/4 and 4/4 beats.

JTC Pro has 2 outputs and there are several output modes; a stereo connection to two amplifiers, or you can activate the built-in speaker cabinet simulation for Right Output to send your guitar signal directly to a PA system (or any PA monitor). JTC Pro’s drum sound is high quality real sound, when you connect to any guitar amplifier or PA system you will hear a full range and dynamic drum sounds, still, if you are using a small practice amplifier there is an optional drum frequency optimization. It makes the drum sounds more clear and helps you to get a real looper experience with the smaller amplifiers.

The Tech Features:
Brand:- Nux

Model:- JTCPRO

Recording Time:- 6 Hours

Drum Styles:- 25 4/4 beats, 10 3/4 drum beats, 5 shuffle beats

Drum Tempo:- 40bpm to 240bpm

Input/Outputs:- 1 Input with a LOut and ROut and an input for an external footswitch(Sold Separately)

Power Requirement:- 9v DC Centre Negative


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