NUX NXNDD2 Mini Core Series Konsequent Digital Delay Guitar Pedal

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NUX NDD-2 KONSEQUENT recreates, in compact dimensions, the delay effects achieved in the 1980s thanks to complex and expensive instrumentation. When talking about delay, we are not referring to simple repetitions: the challenge is to enrich the rhythmic complexity by preserving dynamics, timbre and definition. The digital delay Konsequent was born to recreate in a ultracompact format the delay effects that in the 1980s were achieved through expensive instrumentation.
It recreates in an ultracompact format the delays that in the 1980s were obtained thanks to expensive instrumentation, preserving dynamics, stamping and definition
NUX Dynamic Processor specifically designed to reduce annoying interferences caused by audio peaks
NUX Analog Processor and Saturation-Simulator for an abundant overdrive range
Double mode: Groove pattern / regular pattern (simple delay)
The Tech Features:
Brand:- Nux
Model:- NDD2
Type:- True Bypass
Knobs:- Luminous Knobs – Tone, Level, Gain
Power:- 9v DC Centre Negative (Cannot be used with batteries)
Weight:- 174g
Dimensions:- 9.4cm x 5.1cm x 5.3cm


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