NUX NXNCP2 Sculpture Sustain Compressor Guitar Effect Pedal


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NUX Sculpture Compressor offers a consistent output level while rounding off the highest and lowest frequencies of your output. When you strum your guitar the NCP2 will in effect balance the frequencies of the higher notes and increase the overall sustain that can be achieved from your instrument.

The pedal functions in two modes: Clean and Clip mode.

The Clean mode has a very wide compression range, ideal for limiting humbuckers that strain the signal output. This mode also allows you to dial in a very soft and clean compression for single coil pickups.

The Clip mode offers a much more aggressive compression. It is perfect for single coil guitars that would need a boost in output.

The Blend circuit allows you to mix the compressed signal with the uncompressed one to better manage your overall output.

A great little pedal for musicians looking to optimise their tonal possibilities.

The Tech Features:

Brand: Nux

Model: NCP2

Type: Mini Stompbox

Power Requirement: 9v DC Centre Negative; 50mA draw

Bypass: True Bypass; Buffer Bypass

Dimensions: 9.4cm x 5.1cm x 5.3cm

Weight: 174g


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