NUX NXNCH2 Rivulet Chorus Mini Guitar Pedal

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A crystal clear river. Flowing, transparent. The Rivulet design concept !

Old-school Analog Chorus has always been warm but it was hungry for dynamic completion. NUX’s modern-tech DSP yields a perfect combination of both worlds: analog and digital.

To achieve all of the Rivulet Chorus objectives, our engineers had to develop an algorithm that mimics the principles of BBD chips – the key component of Analog Chorus effects. Rivulet’s low-frequency activated provided the Traditional Analog Chorus Tone discerning ears have come to expect in a true analog chorus pedal. Dynamic Tone and Noise-Elimination ability put Rivulet into a complete separate category from cheap analog pedals.

Quality-grade BBD chips in large mass have become incredibly rare, so this method is not practical for making an affordable analog chorus device.

Brand:- Nux

Model:- NCH2

Type:- True Bypass

Knobs:- Luminous Knobs – Tone, Level, Gain

Power:- 9v DC Centre Negative (Cannot be used with batteries)

Weight:- 174g

Dimensions:- 9.4cm x 5.1cm x 5.3cm


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