NUX Drive Core Deluxe Overdrive and Boost Guitar Pedal

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The Original 4-Knob 2-Circuit Tube Screamer!

Were not only the first in this category, we were always the most versatile, and now weve taken it a giant step further.

Blues to the Core!

All-time favorite tube-screamer circuit comes with more features and additional dial-up options. Drive Core Deluxe is an analog overdrive pedal which can carry your signal in 3 different ways for your essential needs. You can use the pedal as a Clean Boost or Overdrive or you can Mix up the clean signals with tube heated drive sound. The Tone knob gives the last shape to your signal and controls the balance between low-and-high frequencies.

3 Way Toggle-Switch

If youre going to have separate Clean / Overdrive Tweak Knobs you need an easy way to mix them together quickly! We were the pioneers of the 3-Way Toggle Switch, which means we had a whole lot more time than our competitors to fully maximize this feature.


Top Position: CLEAN BOOST – This activates the Clean Boost Knob which controls your clean gain. You can also bring your Volume up or down with the Level Knob (0db to 20db). No need to adjust the Tone; we set this at: As Clean as it Gets! so the Tone Knob is inactive in this mode.

Bottom Position: DRIVE – Activates the Drive Boost Knob. You can also bring your Volume up or down with the Level Knob ( 0db to 20db ), and you can dial-in your Tone Knob for the Drive Tone ( EQ frequencies ) of your choice .

Middle Position: MIX – Allows you to adjust the blend of both the Clean & Drive simultaneously.

Thats so cool, it needs no description!

Drive Mode Knob

The Dynamic Drive Knob is also a Push Knob, which controls the drive gain parameters. Crank your sound from low-gain to high-gain, and feel your tube-heated settings in turbo-charged mode.

True Bypass

Use as a stand-alone or combine with any other gear. True Bypass lets you activate, or truly de-activate Drive Core Deluxe without interfering with other effects in the chain.

The Tech Features
Brand: Nux

Model: Drive Core Deluxe

Power: 9v Battery / AC Adaptor Negative Tip

Dimensions: 12.2cm x 7.2cm x 4.7cm

Weight: 270g


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