Laney NEXUS-SLS Nexus SLS Series 500 Watt Pro Bass Head

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NEXUS-SLS. A small, highly powerful and ultra-compact, reliable bass head. Part of the world-renowned NEXUS range the SLS takes all the tone, power and flexibility bass players have come to expect from NEXUS and packages it into an ultraportable amp. We live in a day and age where the home studio is a near essential for the modern player, the incredible T-USB option on the NEXUS SLS lets you connect right into your computer and becomes the digital interface between you and your music. Alongside the T-USB function there is the standard Jack input (HI & LO), D.I, Headphones, MINI Jack, FX Loop, Tuner, Footswitch and Output Loudspeaker along with the amazingly powerful TILT EQ system and the unique feel of the TOUCH control. The NEXUS-SLS offers a myriad of pro spec features.

Single channel
4 pre-set EQ shapes
On-board Bass effect
1 x Twist connectors – 1 Slave 1 Master
Tuner out
2 x ECC83 Preamp tube
Item dimensions: 70mm x 318mm x 235mm (HWD)


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