Laney GS212IE GS Series 2×12 Speaker Cabinet

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The Laney GS212IE 2×12 Cabinet is a closed back extension cabinet and delivers the bass, mid response and great sound you have come to expect from a Laney 2×12” cab. The GS212IE produces a huge sound which is a joy to hear. At the heart of the cab are 2 HH 12” drivers specifically designed by HH for Laney. The HH 12” drivers deliver the sweet-sounding tone that has been captured on thousands of recordings from a diverse range of notable players. T

he GS212IE produces a lovely warm low-end, a creamy rich vocal mid-range and a sparkling, beautifully detailed top-end and can be used whatever the style of music you choose to play. Designed to be partnered with any of the Laney range of guitar heads the GS212IE can happily be used as part of any good quality guitar rig.

As with all Laney cabinets, the GS212IE features high quality fixtures such as metal corners and ergonomic top edge mounted grab handles and is designed to withstand the rigors of life on the road.


8 Ohm Impedance
Rugged Plywood Construction
Ergonomic comfortable top edge bar handle
Castor cups
Rubber feet
Easily portable
Black Metal Corners
6.3mm Mono input jack socket
6.3mm Mono link jack socket
Item dimensions: 451mm x 711mm x 360mm (HWD)
Carton dimensions: 541mm x 801mm x 450mm (HWD)
Item weight: 18.00kg


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