Hannabach 800MT Medium Tension Classical Guitar Strings


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The 800 series was Hannabach’s first breakthrough in the manufacturing of strings for the classical guitar.

This lead Hannabach to specialize on producing strings for the classic guitar market only. 800 series basses are wound with silver-plated copper wire around a nylon-multifilament – they sound brilliant, but not intrusive and provide a decent bass tone. The trebles, made from high-density nylon, offer the typical, slightly damped sound of nylon strings. Today the 800 series is the high-level entry into the world of Hannabach.

Available in five tensions as complete, bass or treble sets as well as single strings.
Made for instruments with scale length 65cm/25.5″.
Trebles: nylon, plain
Basses: silver-plated, wound


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