Blackstar amPlug2 Fly Guitar Headphone Amplifier


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The amPlug2 FLY Guitar has three channels – Clean, Crunch and Lead with tone shaping using Blackstar’s patented ISF (Infinite Shape Feature) control to give you all the sounds you need.

3 Channels in one unit

Clean – Clean chime, which breaks-up when pushed
Crunch – Classic, ‘hot-rodded’ Crunch with clarity and note-definition
Lead – Harmonically-rich, mid-boosted overdrive, perfect for riffing and lead playing
Patented ISF control

Blackstar’s patented ISF control allows you to choose the exact tonal signature you prefer. At the lowest setting, the amplifier has a more American characteristic with a tight bottom-end and more aggressive middle, and at the higher setting the amplifier has a British characteristic which is more ‘woody’ and less aggressive.

Nine built-in effects

Nine selectable effects can be selected for any channel playing 3x Chorus, 3x Delay and 3x Reverb.


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