Ukulele – The portable, fun, easy-to-play instrument of the day!
The value of playing music is well known – it improves brain functions and our mental health, but most importantly it makes us happy! Once considered the “musical underdog”; the ukulele is now THE instrument to play for young people and “seniors” alike. Ron Leigh’s Music Factory has a wide range of ukelele for sale. Buy ukulele online and save today.

Large Ukulele Melbourne Range

Why play the ukulele? Because as a musical instrument it’s compact, fun, and beginner-friendly. It’s so easy to learn to play your favorite song, whether it is the latest pop song or a “blast from the past”. It’s also fantastic for those more experienced, with a depth that will continue to challenge you to improve no matter where you’re at. We have a wide range of ukulele Melbourne for sale, from basic plastic and nylon ukuleles to professional-grade mahogany ukuleles with “nylgut” strings for an incredible sound. Whatever you’re looking for you’re sure to find it at Ron Leigh’s ukulele shop Melbourne.

A Wide Range of Brands and Types

At Ron Leigh’s Music Factory we have one of the largest ranges of Cordoba ukuleles in Australia. We also have a wall of Kala ukuleles, Eddy Finn ukuleles, Flight ukuleles, Luna ukuleles, LGR ukuleles, Ohana ukuleles, Mahalo ukuleles, Makala ukuleles, Tanglewood ukuleles, and 1880 ukuleles for sale, with new brands coming on board regularly. With artists as diverse as Jason Mraz, Vance Joy, Taylor Swift, Eddie Vedder (from Pearl Jam), Train, Paul McCartney, Jake Shimabukuro, George Harrison, Tiny Tim and Israel Kamakawiwo’ole ( everyone has heard his version of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”) making the ukulele popular, it’s no wonder we have so many ukuleles for sale….there’s a model for everyone and every style of music.

Learn the World’s Most Popular Instrument

Whether this is your very first instrument, or you’ve been making music for years, the ukulele is a solid choice. For the beginner it’s easy to pick up and play, but also has a lot of depth for those looking to take their music a little bit further. What’s more, with an almost unlimited range of designs available you’re guaranteed to find the style and sound you’re looking for. We guarantee you’ll find the perfect ukulele for sale for your needs on our website. We have the largest range of ukulele Melbourne wide, with something for everyone.

Buy Ukulele Melbourne

Ukuleles are available in four sizes, Soprano, Concert, Tenor and Baritone, ranging from smallest to largest; and at prices in each size to suit beginner or advanced players… but we also have Resonator ukuleles, “F-Hole” ukuleles and Bass ukuleles, along with 6 and 8 string models…and Guileless (ukuleles tuned similar to a guitar !) …in fact, if you are looking for ukuleles for sale in Australia, please look at our range. If we haven’t got what you are looking for, chances are we can get it for you. Whether you want an inexpensive Kala ukulele, top of the range Cordoba ukulele or something in-between, we can help you with the instrument, and all the accessories including capos, strings books and ukulele straps.

Leading Ukulele Shop Melbourne

If you’re after any old ukulele, Melbourne has a wide variety available all over the city. But if you’re looking for a high-quality ukulele for sale, one that will continue to give you great results for years to come, choose Ron Leigh. Browse our range and buy ukulele online today!

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