Zildjian K1415 15″ K Custom Dry Special Hi-Hat – Bottom


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Zildjian has expanded their popular K series with the new K custom Special Dry line, and offer a series of new genre specific cymbals targeted at working professionals. The K Custom Special Dry series is an extension of Zildjian’s renowned K Custom family of cymbals, remastered for today’s modern music styles.

Innovative three step hammering process, distinctive shape and extra thin weight give the cymbals a fast attach while shutting down quickly with enough sustain. Made from Zildjian’s 80/20 bronze secret alloy, the thrashy, dark sound, combined with the raw top appearance, make the new K Custom Special Dry exactly what today’s drummers and percussionists are looking for.

As the series name alludes to, these cymbals are articulate, dry and complex; perfect for extremely dynamic environments like jazz, fusion and electronic music.


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