Beat Buddy Mini Drum Machine Foot Pedal – Includes Powersupply


One of the most unique features of the BeatBuddy Mini is the built-in visual metronome. The Mini plays time signatures ranging from 3/4 to 7/8 and more. The visual metronome helps with your timing by displaying a bar to the beat. A 4/4 beat has a bar 1/4th the size of your screen, a 3/4 beat has a bar 1/3rd the size of the screen and so on. This helps to provide a visual representation of your metronome and keeps you in time.

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A completely controllable drum machine in a compact stompbox
Play along with 100 songs in 21 genres using recordings of real drummers
Easy-to-use footswitch control lets you start, stop, insert fills, transition, and more
Large LCD screen indicates the beat and section of the song
Music genres include rock, blues, jazz, pop, Latin, metal, funk, punk, reggae, country, hip-hop, R&B, techno, world, beatboxing, Brazilian, pop brushes, marching, Motown, oldies, and drum and bass
Visual Metronome for keeping in time


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